Sunday, December 11, 2011




I have lots of stuffs in my room and in my closet which lack the love that they deserve. I confess that I'm an impulsive buyer (who isn't?) who buys clothes and other things due to love at first sight, and subsequently realize that either i don't have an occasion to wear it, i don't want to wear it twice, it does not actually suit me or that I should not have really bought it considering that I have already too much stuffs in my wardrobe!

I am in a quest to find new owners for these pre-loved, much-loved and beloved stuffs of mine.

These are my treasured items, and I really wish I can keep them all, but I am forced to pass these gems on to new owners due to personal reasons.

It is hard to let go, but it is about time :)

Behold! Rustic Butterfly is not just another blogshop and I'm certain that you will find something that you will love to own at a fraction of the value!

Flutter away


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